I wish he had been more careful when he spoke.

Miek's husband abused her.

This is on you.

Rees isn't very likely to know anything about that.

They are planning to settle Missouri.

Midori sometimes drops consonants.


He always wanted to go to L.A.

I take a bath every day.

You must not go to extremes in anything.


Rudolph should've stayed a little longer.


I can't tell one twin from the other.


Reid pretended he was still asleep.

Travis was trying to do it, but he couldn't.

I'm glad the two of you aren't fighting anymore.

We don't speak French.

Kristen and Jeannette are both helicopter pilots.

Elliot said it was too risky to go there alone.

Elaine armed himself with a gun and a knife.


Can you imagine what life will be like for them now?


Under the Constitution, the lower chamber's resolutions override those of the upper chamber.


Your plan is bound to fail.


The police found no evidence.

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Angela hadn't cleaned his keyboard for months, and it was clogged with dust, food particles, and God knows what else.

In Sweden it is more common for a child to have three first names than one, but here, at home, this is a more unusual phenomenon.

We do not sell alcoholic drinks or cigarettes to people under the age of eighteen.

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I don't feel up to running to the station.


Come at any time you like.

That crime is punishable by death.

Markku stepped on the train.


Some cruise ships have too many passengers.


That seems wrong.

Maybe we'll try again later.

They can operate a crane.

It seems that Russell is not a man.

Maybe the last dog is catching the hare.

There are many fruit vendors on the way.

What did you do with the batteries?


It was hard to work without breakfast.

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The room's nicely fixed up for the party.


Please complete your homework.


God, give me patience!


She deserved it.

Nicolas is sleeping over at a friend's house.

She can make all her own clothes.

We kissed very briefly.

"Whose pencils are these?" "They are Walt Disney's."

Antonio had to read the sign on the door three times before he understood it.

She is in bed with a cold.


I'm sorry. Tanaka is not there for the moment.


Right now, there isn't much I can do to help.

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We still have some work to do.


We drank some wine.

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They made us work all day.

Please get all of your junk out of this room.

I ate a whole lot of cookies.

A true love story never ends.

I am good at math.


He doesn't mingle with the villagers.

Like it or not, you have to do it.

Ten o'clock local time?

Don't you remember the Ten Commandments?

What's your favorite snack?

He's Ted's chauffeur.

Did you really plan this all yourself?

Terry is the one who usually washes the car.

There is no possibility of our finding him.

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I wish I could find one just like it.


What a touching story!


Vicki is really good at his job.

She's eating for two.

It's about 8 kilometers away.

He will learn the facts in the course of time.

You must think I'm a complete loser.


The Russian armed forces decommissioned many intercontinental missiles.

You can come if you want.

I need to tell you what's about to happen.

Yesterday I saw a sign in a sushi restaurant saying 'We are a Taiwanese company'.

That nurse is very kind and polite.

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The rivers were flooded by the heavy rain.

Ask me the first question that pops into your mind.

Laurie tried to smile, but couldn't.


I might be a few minutes late.

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I heard he was looking for work.

Does Hy already have a job?

She won't be here much longer.

At the start of every weekend, I am both tired and happy.

I'm waiting for you here.

The reporter filed his story just before the paper went to press.

Row me across the river.

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Knapper got everything he wanted for Christmas.

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Tell me how to spell the word.

She had had her appendix removed.

Howard became even more upset.


Sir and Nigel both laughed.


Moe intended to ask his boss for a raise, but he reconsidered.

I don't want them to be unhappy.

She is by far the best player in that country.

I need to be alone so I can think.

I wish I could have spoken more French.


I thought you might want to know.

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They didn't want to get any gold dust.

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Where is the nearest drugstore?

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Who is to blame for the accident?

If you want to get something in life, you should go against the flow.

It was never my intention to hurt you.


These meetings are infinite and fruitless.

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It is not enough to study the language of a foreign country.

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I can't conceive of her deceiving me.


Are you the prophet?

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Y'know we're short of money to have fun and ... Well to be blunt, gimme!

What do you think would happen if the earth stopped spinning?

Don't speak with your mouth full!

I'm not sure what to do next.

I suggested to my father that Kumiko study in China.

Johnathan had a knife in his hand.

They won the match.


The rain shows no sign of stopping.

That voter, Dominic Johnson, turned out to be a Democrat.

We're still trying to determine what happened.


Would you look after my children while I am away on vacation?

You don't have to say or do anything.

Do you speak German?

If I scold you, it is not that I am angry.

The teacher didn't let the students ask any questions.

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Stephen Colbert is a pretty crazy guy.


Your analogy isn't correct.

He can't swim.

Everybody thought so.


I only hope you're not too late.

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There is no smoke without fire.


Are you wondering what we ended up doing?

I didn't catch any fish.

What do you call this insect in English?


Dorian waved at Patrick from the helicopter.

That dress is perfect for you.

Betty is a pretty girl, isn't she?

I don't mind being woken up.

What I am commanding you to do?


If we do that, everything's going to be all right.

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It's something we see but don't clean every day.


I hope you're doing what I told you to do.

I'll just have one or two beers.

Kay tried his best to ignore Scott.


He walked across the street.