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There may be something in the next room.

That's all I do.

Samuel didn't do it.

To complete this work, the following working items are recommended.

He speaks poor French.

There are three health food stores within walking distance of my house.

How can I return home?


Everyone around here likes us.

Shai tried to break up the fight.

It is necessary that he see a doctor.

Our teachers say ours is the best school in the state, and in a way, it is.

I've completely forgotten his name.


That's a beautiful photo.


We all have to eat.

You must be sad as you've lost one of your friends.

Dozens of cars are parked in the parking lot.


I like Korean food.

This is not a pipe.

Will doesn't feel up to eating anything today.


If the need arises customised solutions can be included in the product.

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It rained for days.

I am kneading the dough.

They were surprised by what they saw.

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You can't hope to have your own way in everything.

My explanation may sound strange.

That was a respectable performance, but it definitely wasn't sensational.

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He wishes he didn't do it.


Dylan seemed stunned.


I wish that you had also been able to see.

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How dare he have sex with my wife?

Close the box.

The mayor dropped a bombshell at the news conference.


Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of nonviolence, was born in 1869.


I am a hungry spider.

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Who do you want?

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A C-130 transport plane is a turboprop aircraft. Its main thrust comes from the propellers, but the propellers are turned by turbine engines.


This composition is free from errors.

Why are you biring your hand?

I do love your car, I love it.

I wish I could help you, but I can't stay any longer.

Inner beauty, I'll believe in it when my dick has eyes.

Sometimes, I feel like I can do anything.

Trying doesn't do things like that.


Where are our children?


The early bird can kiss my ass!


We spend too much time talking about things that don't matter.

Kerry is the new secretary general of the United Nations.

That was a joke.


I'm taking off now.

I'm afraid to open the door.

That depends on whether you are interested or not.

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She was forced to bid her hometown farewell.

You can't disguise sad eyes.

My wife is too sincere. I don't know if it's good or bad.

We hit it off.

Are you busy tomorrow night?

I have made mistakes.

Ning said all right.

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I intended to have changed my schedule.

It's very nutritious.

She is neatly dressed.

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Do you want a hand?

He went out to see a movie. How was the movie? Good.

I think we need you.

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We need to warn her.

I called them.

I did some extra credit work in order to pass that class.

What books have you read in English?

I'd like to play a game of squash.


It would be nice to spend the summer in the mountains.

My father encouraged me to learn how to play the piano.

It looks as if autumn is really here.

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My car is on its last legs.

Hey! I'm Sepideh.

I came to surprise him.

No, just one.

Has Ssi been to see you recently?

Bonnie is picking me up tonight.

Roxie's capacity to distinguish imagined from real was gone.


This is off-topic. Sorry.


They could not get enough food.

Water gurgles while fire crackles.

She has lived there for seven years.


He's rude, arrogant and ignorant.


That was one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever eaten.


Nothing has to be done.

I did what Grant wanted me to do.

Mum is home.

Alastair is not the kind of person you think he is.

Merril hasn't shared any public photos yet.

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I didn't have time to proofread my report.


Can someone guide me on how to use this site?

He started learning English at the age of eleven.

I learned a lot about her.

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You can drive, can't you?

Your stomach won't be full from promises.

You don't like gambling, do you?

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We'll let Seymour prepare dinner for us tonight.


He is studying history at the university.

He writes articles for the local newspaper.

Sandy felt a little stupid.


I just got by on the test.

Neither one is acceptable.

I'll probably use it again.

I warned him many times, but he won't stop talking.

Do you know all these people?


I can't afford to buy it.

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Ask for her advice.

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Her hobby was to collect ancient coins.

Hal continued staring at the blank screen.

His work is a source of pride for him.

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He was eating a sandwich.

To call him "sir" seems to be overly feudal.

I feel a little bad today.

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I'm just saying we can't trust Dana.


He will never fail to carry out the project.

She knows the art of making money.

I want to see the pictures from Christmas.


Maybe Sedovic thinks I'm dead.

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Do you think Kathryn is boring?

"When do you watch TV?" "I watch TV after dinner."

Greg played chess with Kathleen.

We received some bad news today.

Trying wanted to talk to me about something.

She was aflame with pride.

Sign it at the bottom.


A group of gangsters stole the money.

Who came to see us in Birmingham?

They backed me up in everything.

Were you at home all morning?

Hey, will you grab me a cookie?

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Marc, whose spirit is timid, hid himself, fearing danger.

Everyone liked me.

I thought you were married.

The boys set up a hockey rink on the frozen pond.

Shamim isn't much younger than Kusum.

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Life is short. Have some fun!


Truth is a goal, not a destination.

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Please don't tell Prakash what I just told you.

I haven't spoken with him since the incident.

The soldiers and the survivors boarded the helicopter and left the island.


Why did you fire him?


Something's worrying him.


He is very friendly, so I enjoy working with him.


Allan was the owner of the only swimming pool in the city that had a diving board.