Digital Marketing specialist
based in Melbourne, Australia

Gunjit Arora

Full-time Digital Marketer, part-time poet.

Ideas are worthless if not expressed properly. And it is the clever ways of the proposition that makes a successful marketer.

Greetings visitor!

Allow me to introduce myself the geeky style the way I take pride in.

Digital Marketer I am, Gunjit Arora is my name,
Freelance work is what I do, in 2016 to Australia I came.
With experience in Social Media and SEO, I have done what I do best,
To learn and achieve more is what I wish, over you I leave the rest.


After gaining experience working with a Branding firm, a Not-For-Profit Organisation, a multi-billionaire tech giant and an education consultancy, there have been heaps which I have learned. Some of them but not limited to are as follows:

  • Social Media Marketing

    With approximately 2.5 billion people, you can’t ignore this.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Everyone wants to be the first to be seen over searches

  • Google Analytics

    Want to know who visits your website? This is it.

  • Google AdWords

    Customers love our block-based approach to template building

  • Graphic Designer

    Design and Digital Marketing go hand-in-hand

  • Email Marketing

    A skill which can’t be ignored in this data-fuelled world


My Timeline till now



Successfully completed Masters in Marketing from Swinburne University of Technology


Study In Pty Ltd.

Initially started as Social Media and Design associate, I helped in managing the firm’s Social Media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. After 3 months of Social Media,..304-642-3045


RaMon Helps Inc.

Started as Website Manager/Volunteer at RaMon Helps Inc., a not-for-profit organization working to eradicate domestic violence. Also helped in the management of the website and organizing various events over the..(714) 876-8366


Cisco Systems Inc.

Had an opportunity to be a student representative for Cisco Systems Inc. The project was to improve Cisco’s team collaboration software, Cisco Spark. During the project’s 10 months time period,..unsupportable


WT Ideas, India

– Founded with a vision to make an innovative difference, WT Ideas is basically an idea firm which revolves around leveraging brands using creative ideas and strategies along with their..Read More


There have been a number of projects which I have taken part in and completed successfully. Here are a few of them.



A lot of skills are progressed while being on a project. Rest are learned through courses, education and practicing manually. The skills I prioritize and want to keep updated are –

Google Analytics


Search Engine Optimisation


Social Media Marketing


EDM and Email Marketing


Graphic Design


You can download my resume  here