We're used to staying up late.

We have quite a lot to talk about.

Death is the antithesis of life.

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Can we walk home a different way?

I have hardly studied this term, so I'm going to study hard next term.

The Emperor shall be the symbol of the State.

Rakhal lives near us.

Two years have passed since I last met you.

Vidhyanath spoke highly of David.

Son sent Manolis some flowers.

The name Edwin doesn't ring a bell.

They're all scared of you.


We've been moping around too much. It's time to pull ourselves together and keep trying.

I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to learn how to use that application.

The entire body is densely covered with hair.


Granting that the aim is right, how will you carry out the plan?

Who's your lawyer?

There's just one tiny problem.

I can walk there on foot.

Tommy wouldn't even say hi to Avery.

Brian is mad because Chris obviously does not intend to return the money.

Come if you can!


Nicolas's awkward around women.

Laurel eats at least three bowls of rice every day.

It is quite an achievement!

She forgot their first wedding anniversary.

Many of the changes that happen are undetectable to the eye.

Foreign accent syndrome is an as-yet unexplained medical condition where the patient can no longer pronounce his mother tongue correctly and seems to have a foreign accent.

Just try to do your best.

The white rabbit was invisible in the snow.

The membership of the Boy Scout troop swelled.

I wasn't trying to fool anyone.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

With those words he brought the meeting to an end.

Old age turns hair gray.

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I'm impressed by your progress.

Have you heard of them?

I can't believe that you aren't at least willing to consider the possibility of other alternatives.

It happens only once in a lifetime.

I've been told your name.

At some point you will realize: Esperanto is unbeatable.

I definitely think it's doable.


They gave it their best.

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Herbert is a relative of mine.


I mused on the meaning of his painting.

Have you decoded the message yet?

When I lived in Boston, I rode my bicycle every day.


The soldier wrote a letter to his mother.


I'm glad you made it.


I think Dimitry and Max like each other.


Albert is the last person to break a promise.

You'd better keep your money for a rainy day.

Urban foresting was a shared hobby of theirs.

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The storm did great harm to the crop.


She advised him to visit Boston, because she thought it was the most beautiful city in the world.

The zombies were closing in.

I wanted Socorrito to take me with him.


This is surely the most satisfying victory I have had in some while.

This city has many wide avenues.

I leave in three days.

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That is a boat.

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Fashions of thirty years ago have come back in style.

Could you teach me Macedonian?

I won't be a party to this.

Die at the club!

I expected better than this.

She presumes him to be innocent.

The final vowel of a noun or of the definite article can be left out and replaced by an apostrophe.

I don't need your money.

This is my mother. Her name is Beatrice.

I will have been studying English for five years next February.

Why is this bird called a robin redbreast?


What a great strike!

What do you know about all this?

I'd like to have more time to talk with you.

We need to act fast.

Don't worry. I'll be back soon.

I really want to be happy.

Lanny was willing to try anything.

He's begun to look for a job.

I don't like it when Jelske stays out late at night.

Kay isn't very optimistic.

The robot's guidance system has gone haywire. It keeps bumping into walls.

They're back.

We have to go by the rules.

What are we doing here?

I want two hot dogs with lots of pepper.

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Those woke up in the middle of the night.

You should always plan for the worst-case scenario.

It is severely cold this winter.

I suggested to him.

Antonio really respects you.

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Micheal respected Cristopher.

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It's a stupid rule.

You're unfair.

In spite of our congratulations, he frowned and turned away.

Details will follow soon.

Silence, you fool!

You guys are a lot of fun.

I'm sure Ravindranath will like this wine.

Doug's funeral will be this weekend.

She became the first woman to complete a two-way nonstop crossing of the channel in fifteen years.

Lorenzo resigned suddenly.

Whether written or spoken, formally monologic or dialogic, discourse is studied as interaction.

Niall tied his shoelaces.

Sue doesn't waste time.

I'm a Trojan, so I infected your Mac!

Our monthly income has to cover food, rent, clothing, transportation, and so on.

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There was still a glimmer of hope that everything would be alright.

One of the knives is missing.

Can we say "No" to America?

Why doesn't he smile at me anymore?

I'm always up this early.

How long will it take to get well?

I have to tell you something first.

Christopher Columbus was notorious for repeatedly snoozing his alarm clock by hitting it with his fist. Unfortunately, his "alarm clock" was usually his first mate.

It doesn't work that way.


I think Shane will do as he's told.

An offering of flowers had been placed at the grave.

You need a miracle.

You must not stop on the hard shoulder to go to the toilet.

Don't wilt away, love.

A connection between personality and blood type has not been scientifically proven.

Malloy told me he didn't actually want to do that.

This is a dead-end street.

You heard what I said.


All men are equal before God.

You must hurry up, or you will miss the express.

You really stink.

Omar and Billy tell each other everything.

What're you guys looking for?


They set up their backs against the claim.

What I don't take, another will - the world has always been that way.

I just got here a few hours ago.


I disagree with Jacques's statement.

We know we have to do better.

I hope Jisheng goes home soon.


This befits you.

Why don't you go talk to him?

Select action for Chris.


I saw my name on the list.

I have been asked about this.

The uncertainty about the weather has had a definite effect upon the Englishman's character.


You're not ready yet, are you?

Casper will change his tune when he finds out what's in store for him.

I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.

The game begins at 2:30.

Does this book go in any special place?


Is this where your mother works?

If I had to study, I would stay at home every day.

Will you come back home soon?

How many Santas are there?

Shall we go for a leather-covered sofa? A cloth-covered sofa?

It's news to me.

Happily, she was not involved in the troubles.


Did you choose those songs yourself?

Watch what everyone does and do the opposite.

It must be a birthday cake!

I'll come by tomorrow morning.

I already speak Italian.

You always say that.

I expect your help.


All that was left to them was one another.

She was chosen from ten thousand applicants.

I believe so.


I remember one fellow in particular.