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What makes you think the Middle East is more important than the great deserts of Australia?

It doesn't look very fun, does it?

You'll have bleeding for a few hours.


Love will find a way.


Please read the whole story.

Donnie was born in the 1990s.

Terrance decided that he wouldn't tell Ellen anything about the incident.

The girls were asleep.

Oh, I almost forgot! Today is garbage disposal day!

That's all true.

He's too trusting.


Vance can wait for me here.


He came out of the room with his eyes shining.

We won't let it happen again.

Which one of you two's coming with me?

Ted said that he could swim well.

I would like to rent a car.

The old cottage had only one bed, so we all took turns sleeping in it.

Kyung never said a word.

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It is apt to get either cloudy or windy when the cherry-blossoms are in full bloom.

Raif did his schoolwork at the kitchen table.

What is the delay?

Murph is extremely stubborn.

I offered it to them.


Don't play the blame game.

Attention! The captain of the airship is speaking!

Michiel won't need this.

I have heard that song sung in French.

The proverb is familiar.

She's been sick since last Wednesday.

Will is probably dead.

His father left him the house in his will.

She complained to me of his rudeness.


It does seem like an excellent plan.

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Kathy picked up a folder.


He stopped in many towns and cities to make speeches.

You never do anything right.

The small dog dug a hole and buried his food in it.

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This camera is the one that Shutoku bought last Thursday.


How many games do you have in your collection?


The cranes tend to make their nests in the bell towers of churches.

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Olson was shocked when she learned that Mikael had had sex with his cousin.

The concept of natural numbers is perhaps the most fundamental mathematical concept.

It's unlikely that Marshall will ever return home.

Everything is good.

Jesus Christ is my saviour.

Is the dog chained?

We guarantee the lowest price for a French language school in Quebec, Canada.

Tell her thanks but no thanks.

Michel refused to admit that he'd made a mistake.

Did Harold say how he was able to do it?

Dan vacuumed his car.

I want you to relax.

Todd decided to go.

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Merton's French is coming along pretty well.


He rested his chin on his hands.

The soup tastes of garlic.

Soohong might not want to go with us.

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I've felt guilty about it for months.


Imagine that you had a time machine.


I don't say it without reason.

We want nothing from you.

I left my keys on the table. Could I trouble you to bring them to me?


I want my children to have that opportunity.

Japan will get it from many countries.

I have been completely open with you.

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What year is it?


I never doubted you for a moment.


Venus is unusual because it rotates in a direction opposite that of all of the other planets.

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I have to go to Denmark tomorrow.


I challenged Amigo to a race.

You obviously don't have time.

I forgot my shopping list at home.

That book is small.

I ask myself if I'll be married some day.

You have every right to do that.

The art of making wooden bowls like these has died out.


Please just make sure that doesn't happen.

Just a few days ago, we were so happy.

What was it that brought you to me?

He was acquitted.

Why do you hate us so much?

The exhibition is now open.

I'm going to turn her in.

I'd like to play a game of golf.

He did not feel happy for all his success.

The Dutch have five centuries of experience at holding back the sea.

He believed in the truth.

I am afraid he will fail.

Maybe he's running in the park right now.

You're a bad influence on me.

Why don't you just sit there and listen?

It was the calm before the storm.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

They sat in a circle.

You should ask Bryan to help.

This order is to be obeyed to the letter.

It's time to go to bed.

We're following a narrow road.

Louis wasn't supposed to do that.

I find you irresistible.

If Cleopatra's nose had been a little lower, the history of the world might have been different.

Carol said that he would do it.

No matter what you do, Himawan will never agree.

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He said that Vling, the sophisticated prototype language, is a vast improvement over Chinese.

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We think you're doing very well here.

Is it that obvious that I have feelings for him?

Should we wait for them here?


This is the person they say stole the car.

Please ask her not to shout.

Since we can expect no help from others, let's try to do our best.

My teacher's instructions are always to the point.

I had dinner with a friend last night.


You'd better tell Caleb you're sorry.


I want my own room.

Sherri is being watched.

Who put the hit out on Tanaka?

I did something I regretted doing.

This is me, I'm eating a banana.

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Are you asking me or telling me?

I'm happy the way I am.

Valentin should've stayed and helped us clean up.

Do you go to an elementary school?

I will go out after I finish my homework.

His airplane crashed in the mountains.

Paul has known Marcel since they were both very young.

I need to do an exam in January.

Put your seat belt on.

My six-month old son is teething.

He fell short of our expectation.

We lost.

I met them a few weeks ago.

They made fun of her because she had a funny hat on.

I have no particular reason to do so.

I think we shouldn't get involved.

Mother washes every day.

I think Nathan has already seen it.

He died of a heart attack.

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We need all the information we can get.

You're really angry.

The President leaves Washington for Paris next month.

Even if malicious gossip is being circulated around someone, it doesn't necessarily mean that the value of that person will be diminished.

I need to borrow your car for a few hours.

Do you have to make dinner?

It's not how I want us to be.

I have no intention of cheating. What's the point?

Mara and Jane said they were on our side.

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Why didn't you stay with him?

Tell me as much as you can about Magnus.

Put your coat on a hanger.


This is a waste of time.

Barry is a transhumanist and believes that soft robotics parts can aid his disability.

Do you want to be rich?

When I am king, you will be queen.

He stopped looking for the pearl.

He sat next to me.

The train is packed today.

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That was an excellent article.

If you go to pick up Naoto, at what time will you be here, approximately ?

He told the boy to sharpen his pencil.

Ross noticed Caroline's car parked in front of the library.

When will you go?

My problem is that I'm always hungry.

I don't think I'll tell Patrice about this.