The pond dried up last summer.

Let's go tell Annard the good news.

She makes a point of drinking a glass of milk every morning.

Judging from his appearance, he is sick.

Triantaphyllos, come here quickly!

I thought you said Vishal was stupid.

He is driven.

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As is often the case with teenagers, she's conceited.


Dori removed his coat.

Now my life will be better!

She was afraid of the dog.

We cry when we are very sad.

Brad didn't wear a suit today.

Tell them to let the dog in.

I didn't do anything with Denis.


The day is ours without doubt.

My tomcat has a sunburn.

Maybe Cathy could sing at your wedding.


Are we on schedule?


Well, I really can't say.

It was morning. There was the smell of coffee and the ground was covered with frost.

Linder arrived safe and sound.

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He ushered me to the hall.

He's looking for someone to serve him.

No problem!

This time, I'm scared, too.

Did you get a good look?

That's what you all say.

Warren usually calls Woody every evening after dinner.

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It is kind of you to help me.


Lorraine told Shawn that she shouldn't swim.

I've been meaning to speak with you.

Len can leave if he wants to.

Have you considered moving to Boston?

It can accommodate as many as ten people.

He's in danger.

I meant to ask you.

Food and utensils are stored in kitchen cabinets.

Hein can't be left alone.

She took me by the hand.

I don't think it's such a bad idea.

I told Darren to take off his shoes.

Explain it in plain words.

We've got to shake him up.

Annard scribbled something in his notebook.


I've never seen her so tense.


She may not wait any longer.


What've you been doing to them?

Pravin didn't know where Romain bought her groceries.

The business was settled to everybody's satisfaction.

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Do you use current technology?

Michiel never thought Jun would ever actually graduate from college.

People can actually understand them.

Cut the power off.

Wes just didn't want to tell Urs. He didn't mind telling me.

Once, Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly, but when he woke up, he wasn't sure whether he was Zhuangzi who had dreamt being a butterfly or if he was a butterfly now dreaming he was Zhuangzi.

Thuan wants to die.

You are our new neighbor.

They should also be fair to others.

Gay marriage is permitted in less than 20% of countries.

Sophie was a glutton.

There are some things in this world that, no matter how much you wish for them, will never come true.

I am in London.

You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

No, it's not me. It's you!

Have you ever cut a tree with an ax?

Radek came to return a book he'd borrowed.

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I can work late tonight if you need me to.

She was a likely suspect.

Did Emily tell you who to give the money to?

She divorced him after many years of unhappiness.

Dorian certainly works hard, doesn't he?

I'll be there shortly.

I can't tell you what I think.


Apart from his parents, no one knows him very well.

Do you like solving puzzles?

What else could I do?

What do you want to do next weekend?

Clem looks disturbed.

Saiid has already told me what I wanted to know.

Lee's condition is rapidly worsening.

Try not to buy anything on impulse today.

Since experts have been unable to translate the ancient text, museum officials are asking the public to take a crack at it.

I didn't date her for her brains.

I want them to be happy.

It's just a little further.

She has red spots all over her body.

Manavendra is a strapping young man.

I'm afraid she won't accept my explanation.

The author of the book is called Kitto.

She fired me.

He returns from Athens tomorrow.

She just saw Terrence.


Let's check why your answers differ from mine.


You aren't thinking.


Patricio showed Jeffery the box.

I know where you can find her.

Kari pulled back the curtains and looked out the window.

I'm flying back to Boston tomorrow night.

Wash with hot, sudsy water.

I am terribly sorry to hear about your break-up.

The New Year is here!

Learn to speak English in little time!

He isn't afraid of death.

I'm just trying to be a good neighbor.

I'll get the book.

Liza and William walked down the path, holding hands.

Are you in love with Wayne?

Why does water conduct electricity?

French was the language of diplomacy.


If you don't know the meaning of the word, you have to look it up in the dictionary.


I told Syun he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to.

Have you ever driven a sports car?

How much does a bus ticket cost?


That's probably a good thing.

There's less of it, but no less to it.

An accident only takes a second, but an accident could get you into debt for life. I think I'll just walk.


What is your opinion about language preservation?

Do you really want me to give a speech?

Roger and his wife don't have any children.

This sentence is not in English.

I'll go find her.

How can I prevent my cat from killing birds?

Generally speaking, high school students study harder than college students.

He was deceived by the late night television shopping network and paid high prices.

Love is stupid.

Will the coffee stain ruin the carpet?

Barton raced home from school.

Your watch is on the desk.

Excepting Sundays he works every day.

I can't believe she's dead!

He won the prize this day week.

Instead of going myself, I sent a letter.

We had to break open the door.

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We've never talked about that.


I feel so lucky that I was chosen.

Who benefits from that?

David killed Goliath with a sling.

It's hard to believe that's a coincidence.

I'll come again when you are free.


A good yoga session can limber you up like nothing else.

I was all but dead at that time.

Customers have to be satisfied.

Please keep me informed of whatever happens in my absence.

She gave her guests a hearty reception.

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They knelt down and prayed that the war would end soon.


My boss is so stupid!

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She offered her seat to an old woman.


I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Working hard made Jack what he is.

I was just watching this.

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You must encourage him to try again.


Hanako impressed the guests no less by her exotic beauty and elegance than by her erudition and refined conversation.


He went to Japan and he married a Japanese woman.

Thanks to all of you.

As a new graduate with no work experience, Antonella was wet behind the ears when he started his first job.


I'm sure they're talking about what happened.

He gave her a nice present.

"You don't understand anything!" "I don't even pretend to."

Look what happened to us.

We saw monkeys at the zoo.

Harry has no desire to get John in trouble.

Vincent did what he was told to do.

We need your help finding Merril.

Have you already eaten some cake?

The Congress had no money.

Dave is looking at the floor.