That's why Grant hit you.


The results have been miserable.


Lindsey is going to paint his car.

The Anglo-Saxons overran the Celts.

Huge numbers of soldiers and civilians were killed.

Edmund's realisation that she was gay plunged her into a reactive depression.


Can you watch him tonight?

He believes that the story is true.

I wouldn't help you even if I could.

Do you want to watch football?

Let's see what we can find.

I'm originally from Australia.


She lives in Dubai.


It's just the beginning.

At first he didn't know how to do his new job.

No one uses that kind of weapon anymore.

Rogue walked into the living room with two drinks in his hands.

Man flows at once to God when the channel of purity is open.

It seemed that he was short of money.

He doesn't seem to be an American.

Put that down!

Bertrand had a rotten summer.

There's something fishy going on in there.

How much does the cake cost?


Laurie is from Australia.

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You remember me, don't you?

You're the experts.

Got up at six, and left home at seven.

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Luc was so traumatized he could barely speak.

This product brought us a large margin.

He's very sick, so he should avoid sugar and salt.

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What a long cucumber.

Dan was the first to arrive.

Absence of rain caused the plants to die.

I've got to speak to her.

There is a map on the desk.


I hit the man on the belly.

You see, I've got only these two castles, one hundred hectares of land, six cars, four hundreds heads of cattle and twenty racer horses...

Do you guys play on the same team?


It's manna from heaven.

Have they found anything yet?

You don't seem too happy to see me.


Are you ten years old?


Mason will be staying here for a while.

Hiding yourself won't help.

The lake freezes in winter.


None of this was your fault.

As we go up higher, the air becomes thinner.

Is this your locker?


Kyung was sitting on the stoop.

I'll call when I'm done with work.

Olof is drawing a sketch of the house.

It snowed in Jerusalem.

Are you the girl Himawan has been dating?

She has no children, does she?

They don't have to wrap it up.


Harry Partch invented scads of musical instruments, many tuned to his 43-tone scale.

I hope you're not planning on wearing that to the party.

I count on him.

Let's play house.

Where is mother?

Kent waggled his finger at Colin.

I never ceased pitying ourselves.

You'd better shut the door.

You can spend your time in any way you want; it's your time, after all.


The results that you get depend on the values of the parameters that you set.

I'll never talk to King again.

I plan on being early.

I've believed in Kylie Minogue since June 12, 1998.

Kari's new hair style is most becoming.

I know who killed my parents.

There are no options.

I have an appointment to visit a guru in India.

We're probably safe for the time being.

I like my coffee strong.

Why are you asking me about this?

Follow my lead!

Don't shoo me as though I were a dog.

The kitchen table was bare except for a bowl of fruit.

You have done very well.

If a sentence doesn't sound natural, simply erase it from the list.

The volcano poured molten rock.

When should we tell Jonathan?

Women eat lighter meals when they're eating with a guy.

The SS Star of the North was a large schooner-rigged cargo steamer, strongly built of iron in watertight compartments, and of nearly two thousand horsepower.

The lucky sod just won the lottery.

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This is the catch of the Day.


I have locked myself out of my room.

Akiko has some friends in France.

Are Sergiu and Knute dating?

The sky was blue.

I'll have someone to help me.

I know you're writing a book.

But what do you want?


Evan is always asking for money.

Dan hid the gun in a locker.

Did Manolis actually say that to you?

I have the feeling that my French isn't getting much better.

Wolf and Harmon have no idea what John intends to do.

Kee takes the kids to the school every day.

I like the blue.

Sriram doesn't wear glasses.

How many full moons are there in a year?

You should have your head examined.

My children are my treasures.

I called on Judy.

Kathryn didn't believe my story.

Just when she said "Ooh, what a beautiful star," a star fell across the sky and a blue light quickly fainted in a diagonal trajectory, dragging behind a faint tail.

Teresa has company.

Cristi would tell me.

Check with them.


Have you ever shot a gun before?

Nathaniel made a U-turn.

Young people nowadays are fools.

I went to see Maarten, but he wasn't there.

I haven't been following the news lately.

You annoy me.

Gosh, I'm hungry.

Jane didn't know why Hwa needed to borrow thirty dollars.

It's the lady.

What would Anne do in my position?

Would you give him this for me?

Six and four are ten.

What time will the game start?


The Shinanogawa river is the longest river in Japan.

The final stop of Tokaido line is Tokyo.

Teresa was detained as a suspect.

You make many valid points.

You lean on your parents too much. You must be more independent.

The sleepy town has been transformed into a bustling city.

You should be studying.


Who wrote these stories?

Jem had to pawn his guitar so he could pay his bills.

Let's hope it goes well tonight.

We don't talk about that here.

Somebody stole it from me.


When was the last time you gave birth?

Most people like summer, but as for me, I like winter much better.

Why do you say that he's stupid?

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Melinda says he will never go there again.


This is a tropical storm. It'll be over soon.


What do you think of them?

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I want to stay home and sleep all day.


Thirteen firefighters were injured.

We have to stop this.

Let me see what I can do.


In this city, there are thousands who live eight or ten to a room.


I told her not to come here.


Elliot is quite authoritative.

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He hired some new workers.


He asked my mum.

"What about me do you like?" "Everything."

Rank boys according to their height.

I cannot tell this to my father.

Thank you for your kind letter.

Good company on the road is the shortest cut.

According to European laws, the punishment for having a portrait of President Lukashenko in one's apartment or house is a life in Belarus.

Can you remember the first time you went swimming?

Laura shut his eyes again.


Children whose parents are dead are referred to as "orphans".

The police are looking into it.

If cancer is an enemy of humanity, a cancer is a friend of lobsters.

That's not very nice.

Why don't we ask Hon to help?