The distance from the sun to the earth is about 93 million miles.

She could not help bursting into tears.

He saved my life.

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

Seeing the eagle against the red of the setting sun, Lech took this as a good omen and decided to settle there.

What'll you tell them?

Perhaps Kieran is guilty.

I got out my knife.

I'm really tired right now.

Beckie is still in town.

It's only blood.

Dreaming with honey is very different than dreaming with bees.


The merchant deals in silk goods.

Jennie said he'd play tennis with us.

His house is somewhere around here.

The exchange rates for foreign currency change daily.

This isn't fun.


I think that's where Marco is.

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I'm tired of fighting.

The author's latest novel was very well-received.

Vic still has a job to do.

Do you understand?

Would you like a taste?

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Tracy lied about where he'd been.

I'm sorry if I got in the way.

I thought that my father was going to kill me.

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Kids are getting hurt playing contact sports.

My mother died on the same day I got married.

Read this right away.

What's the price?

Nicki, you don't even like fish!

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The paramedic said there was no safe way to move Leo.

I bet that I can jump higher than you.

I want to build up my vocabulary.


I'm learning Zulu.

Cleopatra was very smart. She spoke at least nine languages.

Mechael wanted to pull the trigger, but couldn't.

How much do you want to sell this?

We managed to get some foreign stamps.

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Do I have to decide right now?

Lisa has already gone.

It must be her.

Mosur isn't frightened.

How long has Adam lived in Boston?

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They looked down on him.

Sonny hasn't asked for any pain medication.

I want to get back home before Shahid does.

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You're the most incredible person I've ever met.

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What a pity it is!


Bring me a cup of coffee, please.

No one suspected it.

I enjoy talking with Troy.


He will be writing a letter.

We took Delbert home.

Keep on the watch for anything to come.

It's now official.

We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as definitive and has as its highest value one's own ego and one's own desires.

Are you and Sigurd getting back together?

I'm still not sure what you're looking for.


He tried to devise a plan for getting rid of termites.

The longer you live, the older you get.

I just need one more day.


Douglas makes a lot of money.


Roxana's personal assistant has a personal assistant.


What happens if you get wet?


I want a book telling about Japanese customs.

I remember his name now.

I think she's out looking for a job.

If the soup can sit for a while, it'll taste better.

They also found you and your family, right?

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Melinda loves me and I love him, too.


If all goes well, I can make 2-3 pieces per day.

Let's get Mason out of there.

Did anybody see you?

We're both professionals.

They held each other by the hand, kissed the roses, and looked up into the blue sky, talking away all the time.


What do you call this animal?

I find myself being enthralled by her reaction each time I replay it.

I've heard some good things about you.

It's more difficult than you think.

We'll probably go to Boston next week.


How far are we from it?

We're so glad to have you here.

Just tell me what Tony wants.


My taste is quite normal.

Would you like to come over for dinner?

I'm here to protect Orville.

Are they paying you extra to work late?

We start for Osaka tomorrow morning.


Barrio says that he is able to communicate with the dead.


Uri wondered where Vilhelm was and what she was doing.

I have a dictionary in my hand.

I didn't really understand where the question came from.

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Did you say that Juri is your friend?

They grow oranges in California.

Elvis was wearing a black T-shirt and designer jeans.

You gave me a headache.

I will have to help them.

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They make a lovely couple.

Do you have a stomachache?

Ned doesn't want to ever leave Boston.

Lucy approached the young man and put her hand on his head.

Everybody has been looking for you.

I beg you to forgive me.

Alfred fell flat on his face.

We've got to find him first.

Don't harass them.


All that effort - and nothing to show for it. How very depressing.

The cat chases the squirrel.

I won't tell a soul.


Konstantinos put out the fire with a bucket of water.

These boxes have plenty space on the interior.

Take as many cookies as you want.

Travis can barely read.

Are you attracted to me?

I'm pretty sure that Lenny doesn't live in Boston anymore.

You need to pay attention.

I'm kind of surprised.

How did you know Bradley wanted to go to Boston?


Lance beat me up.

This is Cao Cao's trickery.

Brandi knows the answer.


The accused was found not guilty.

I think this will make a nice gift.

How long will you be away?

These genetically modified bananas are loaded with vitamin A.

The mother folded her baby in her arms.


Travis has probably already finished his homework.

If you feel threatened, don't hesitate in coming to my house.

Have you heard whether Jochen got the job?


We'll hide in Egypt.

Jarl talked with Nou about it.

I don't really want to talk about that.

The premier and his cabinet colleagues resigned.

There are more fools than wise men, and even in a wise man there is more folly than wisdom.

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Lucius visited Tait, who was in the hospital with a broken bone.


We advertise our products on TV.

You're going in the wrong direction.

Some flowers are magenta.

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Mr. Smith lived in Kyoto three years ago.

Manavendra and Mah are both good at French.

I never buy sugar.

They rented the room on the second floor to a student.

I wanted to learn Esperanto, because it interested me very much.

They agreed to work together on the project.

Creativity is what we're looking for.

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At half time, both teams made substitutions.

My sister is very intelligent.

I want to hear more about your trip.

It's not on the menu.

You know that woman is not just Caucasian.


She applied for the membership in a golf club.

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Rand hardly ever laughs.

He appeared in many movies.

Pablo has ambition.

As soon as he went to bed, he fell asleep.

I've brought a gift for Mahmoud.

Martial arts have their limits. You just have to look at Bruce Lee. He was the strongest but he couldn't help dying.

Do you think she would accept my invitation?


He ate a fourth of the cake.