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Majoring in Computer Science

Computer science majors at Jeff State can pick from four different options (specialized training)

  1. Programming - learn to write computer programs
  2. Networking - become a network administrator
  3. Web Development - learn to create Web pages
  4. Applications - become an expert in Microsoft Office Applications

Did you know that you can get two degrees (two options) by taking only seven or eight additional classes? Many students pick programming and Web development since these two options are closely related (only 7 additional courses). Other students major in Networking and Programming (8 additional courses) or Networking and Web development (8 additional courses).

Not sure which major to pick? Consider taking CIS 207 (Introduction to Web Development) to see if you would enjoy Web Development. Take CIS 150 (Introduction to Computer Logic and Programming) and CIS 251 (C++ Programming) to see if you would enjoy programming. Or, take CIS 161 (Intro to Network Communications) to see if you would enjoy networking.

For more information, check out our degree option links at the top of the page.

Transferring to a State Four Year School

Be sure to print the STARS guide to make sure that all your Jeff State courses will transfer. It is a good idea to print the guide every year. This way, if there is no change in the degree requirements, you have extended the time the state four year school will accept your Jeff State credits towards their degree. Also, the guide makes it easy to pick the right classes because it list the Jeff State course numbers that meet the requirements of the state four year school you're planning to attend.

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Meet Your Faculty Advisor

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  2. (650) 456-7092
  3. Hal Harris, Jr.

Job Opportunities

  1. Programming Jobs
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  3. Web Development Jobs

Picking Your Courses

  1. Programming Courses
  2. Networking Courses
  3. Web Dev. Courses

Shelby CIS Faculty Website

  1. Tommy Battles (Programming)
  2. Linda Dobyns (Networking)
  3. Hal Harris, Jr. (Web)