KIPTRAQ ("Keep Track")

Flexible data collection tool that streamlines processes in multiple departments.

Made for Mobility

Made with mobility in mind; works in remote areas – even without
an internet connection. Inspections, asset tracking, inventory and more.

Fully Customizable

Admin users have full control over changes. Quickly replicate your existing forms in KipTraq.


KipTraq (“Keep-Track”) is an app that runs on Apple and Android operating systems. It provides real-time, accurate data collection with instant email notification for “out of specification” operations. KipTraq helps you manage your processes better, ensure tasks are done on-time, and present clean and accurate data to auditors and customers.

Flexible, Trusted & Reliable

Admin users have full control over customizations. Over 2 million transactions captured and still counting.


For Apple & Android Devices

Capture data on your mobile device, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Everything synchronizes to the cloud.

Snapshot Reporting

Run reports on your device or on our website. Check status and view photos. Export data to an Excel spreadsheet.


How Does it Work?

  • Your paper/Excel logs are replicated into KipTraq
  • Users collect data on their phone or tablet (pass/fail, choose from a list, scan a barcode, take a picture, etc.)
  • Data is automatically sent to our secure cloud servers
  • Your team runs reports on your data via our website
  • Management can quickly adapt KipTraq to reflect changes in your processes

Download our Spec Sheet

Get all the information you need to know about how KipTraq can help your organization collect better data, faster. 


  • Always works, even without internet connection
  • Flexible online reporting (including pictures)
  • Automatic real-time alerts via email
  • Optional RFID tags add speed and security
  • Standalone system – no servers to buy or maintain
  • Multiple language support
  • Inexpensive – monthly fee based on use
  • Fast rollout – collect data and report on day 1
  • Intuitive – users and admins learn quickly
  • Efficient – faster and more useful than paper forms
  • Scalable from small companies to multinationals
  • Over 6 million transactions logged in KipTraq


How Our Customers Use KipTraq:

  • Food processing: Collect process verification data (HACCP/FSMA, sanitation checks, inventories, etc.)
  • Farming: track plantings, application of fertilizers, water and fuel usage
  • Equipment: Schedule preventative maintenance, log work done to reduce maintenance costs
  • Storage: Manuals and standard operating procedures stored on device and instantly available
  • Field: Use integrated GPS routing to navigate to a location. Perform onsite inspections with pictures

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