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Allow me to introduce Mayuko to you.


I don't think we've got much time.

Don't let Geoffrey use my bicycle.

Factory waste has polluted the sea.

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Each cat has its own personality.

Help me! he repeated while waving his sabre.

I'm sure they're working on solving the problem.

We were astonished.

Does anybody here trust Dean?


The clock has run down. I need new batteries.

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Outside of him, no one else came to the party.

Do you know someone here?

We have something we want to tell Jack.

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She's the most beautiful woman in the world.

I wake up with difficulty.

You won't die.


Let me have a look.


Sonja is assertive.

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Becky looks really cute today.


You don't know what Nou was doing.


We are people, not gods.

Let me tell you about Cathryn.

Horror has a name.


I want you to give me a job.

The Cornette-trilogy was named after the ice cream brand.

Arnold stepped aside, letting Monica pass.


Alastair knew that that was a bad idea.


Vicky knew he'd said too much.

I don't want them to be alone.

Who taught you this prayer?

We hired a boat by the hour.

I never worried about you.


Industrial wastes pollute the earth.


The children have been instructed to take their places.

I am writing a novel.

I almost got hit by a truck.


I went to bed early.

Why don't you just admit that you were wrong?

It's a pretty good one.


If I have time, I'll do it.

The rain lasted the whole night.

You don't have to tell me everything.

We painted our house ourselves.

"Software development" isn't "manufacture".

Day and night come alternately.

It is difficult to decide where to go.


Have we made progress?

Loyd is getting ready for work.

Ernest will probably never go to Boston again.


Where did you drive them?

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In Singapore, a way to punish criminals is to whip them.

Pravin is Niall's stepdaughter.

It's not too late to change the schedule.

The server is down.

I wish I had been a bird.


He likes to play rough.

You keep forgetting to pay the bills.

It's not necessary to leave in the middle of a storm

Ric is exhausted.

This morning it was raining when I took the bus.

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When Kari entered the kitchen, the floor was covered in water.


Connie is at the post office.

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He had the goodness to come all the way to see me.

There's no room for anything more.

We're not going to make it, are we?

What a lovely doll!

Jacobson says he won't come to our party.

Also Olson doesn't love Lui anymore.

Where do you want to go during the summer vacation?


I don't know what Pitawas was reading.

Reiner spends a lot of time on her phone, texting and e-mailing her friends.

I don't really like any of that.

Angus looks lost and confused.

Do Native Americans still speak in their languages when they meet in festivals?

He is the first national politician to be named in a widening corruption scandal.

This is what Prakash does for a living.

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What I really want to do is to get some sleep.


We got to London yesterday.

You can't tempt me.

In the meantime, she began to cry.

Didn't you wear that yesterday?

Old homes, especially traditional Japanese ones, can be damp and unfriendly to modern life.

You're sick. You have to rest.

I am going to be fourteen.

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It was an honor.


That's why I'm happy.


Page didn't mean to do that.


Sue refused to believe that Stacy was guilty.

It certainly looks like rain.

Do you like the piano?

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We almost drowned.

I assume that's the reason Claudio isn't here.

I wish!

I could look into it if you.

Where can I go to get some good advice?


Have you read Romeo and Juliet?

The computer does not turn off anymore.

Not knowing what to say, I remained silent.


We'll risk it.

My flight leaves in three hours.

That doesn't make it any easier.

We want you to help us.

The two men fought for a long time.

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What's your name, please?

It's not happening right now.

He is young but clever.

Are you going to take part in the next race?

I don't know who else to turn to for help.


I know a million jokes.

My car was stolen. It's not there where I parked it.

There is not enough milk.


What's the longest river in the world?

Are you going to the theater tonight?

Inside my backpack there are many colored pens, red ones, blue ones, green ones, etc.


I'm a man now.

You've been screwing with them.

John did not seem to mind at all.

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Don't press it.

We sniffed at the food suspiciously.

The Alpinists carried out the ascent, but they did not return safely.

Jef was an accountant.

Dan has no idea how heartbroken Linda is.

He grew his beard and hair in order to look old.

She has a brother in Tokyo.


The boys and girls paired off for the dance.

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Sonny invited Son to a party he was hosting.


They were very saddened to hear of his death.

Roberta can't remember the last time he slept alone in his bed.

What are we looking at now?


Santa is already getting on his way!


His charade attracted negative attention.


And the more we participate in our yearly congresses, the more we associate, and the more the principles of the Green Ensign will penetrate our souls.

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You lacked confidence in yourself.

It had been made a condition with these clerks that they should not marry; so that those who lived to be old had to take care of themselves, to attend to their own comforts, and even to light their own fires, when they had any to light. Many of them were very aged; lonely old boys, with strange thoughts and eccentric habits.

Do you like caramel-flavored ice cream?

She laid herself on the grass.

All what he said was right.


Gale is a photographer.


Do you think I can do that?

Klaus says you're a bad influence.

Joel tried to say something, but Victor interrupted him.

It is of no use to try to find him in the crowd.

Amir nodded once.

I'll give you a present.

He felt pleased with the new car.

Mr. Berg is helping you.

Bill brought me a glass of water.


You will eat lightning and crap thunder.


We've been checking the place out.