Wave on a string

I programmed a simple model with Fourier Transformation to stimulate the waves on a string with both ends fixed. The code is as followed

Triangular wave

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Rectangular wave


An approximate harmonic wave (I cannot make it more accurate)


Complicated wave

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The essential idea is to decompose the initial function of the string into triangular functions. By applying wave equation,we obtain the transformation of triangular functions and add up them to get the final result of the shape of the string.

Understanding of Coulomb‘s Law – part 1

I started to study electromagnetism roughy a year ago, and got so confused with the complex concepts which are way beyond my understanding capability, that I had to reluctantly have a stop before going on the further study. However, after a year’s practising, I finally got to realize the basic connections between electricity and magnetism  superficially, by reading some electrodynamics textbooks.

It’s a fact that most textbooks always talk about electicity and magnetism respectively in two different chapters seperatedly, which makes me mad. It often reminds the readers the two physical concepts are quite unconnected, which is definitely not the case. In fact, the relationship between electricity and magnetism is so close that you can hardly tell one from the other and it is exactly the close connection that makes electromagetism fantastic.

Actually, physics is a theoretical subject, namely a subject in which theories can be derived from more fundamenal ones like mathematics, even though it is often considered as an experimental subject. Similiar to Classic Mechanics, whose axioms are mainly known as Newton’s Laws, Electromagnetism also has its own basic theories, among which is Coulomb’s Law, a law about forces on charged particles.

To be continued

asbestos lagging

Well, I’m really exhausted today.

Today is technically the first day of my Boston trip, so without any hesitation, I rushed to MIT and stayed there for almost the whole day, where I enjoyed the view of various oddly-shaped buildings, some of which are far more strange than I could ever imagine, and took a visit to those spectacular classrooms the size of a small theater and complicated laboratories containing thousands of different amazing experimenting facilities that I could hardly  recognize.

The reason why I love MIT is quite obvious, namely that MIT was the harbour where the ship of my dream set sail, due to the opencourses of MIT I had discussed before in last blog. In addition, the environment of MIT is so pleasant, with a rich culture of freedom, creativity and passion, that I could hardly leave the campus as I stepped into it for the first time.

Well, this blog was supposed to be about the beauty of physics. However, because of my love for MIT, I cannot help writting an article about my favorite university in great amazement and excitement. In a word, in comparison to any other existing or even imaginary places, MIT is definitely the most ideal paradise for me.

For the Love of Physics

This is the first time I’ve written a blog, a blog just for the love of physics.

It was roughly one and a half years ago, on a cozy winter day, with spotlessly white snowflakes fluttering all over the sky, that I began walking on the path to the wonderland of physics for the first time in my life.  I can still remember the excitement and surprise I had, which flooded out of my astonished mind like a  violent fountain, when I got the first glimpse of the amazing world of physics, as if it all happened yesterday. I was so surprised, shocked, amazed, even going crazy for the beauty of physics, that I jumped and rolled back and forth, screaming insanely just like an idiot for nights and days, even though I had just touched physics gently with my fingernail.

It is often said that an interest is the best teacher, though on the other hand, a great teacher shapes your interests. Thanks to the Wangyi opencourse platform, which has offered me a chance to have lectures from the greatest teachers in the greatest university, a seed of the basic understanding and the love of physics was planted deeply inside my heart. I encountered Professor Walter Lewin in MIT via the software, the best physics professor I’ve ever known, and was deeply impressed by his fascinating lectures of great humor, which pushed me towards the palace of physics. Because of him, I not only started to regard physics as my love, but moreover considered it the faith of my life as well.

Actually, some time earlier, I had once tried to write essays about my study of physics on the WeChat Subscription, but however it had taken me a great deal of time, due to the formality and length of an essay required on the subscription, so I had to change to write a blog to save time. However, an article as short as this can never express my love of physics entirely, so I will devote myself into enjoying physics and record the happiness down in the series of the blogs every day in the future, which consist of every step of mine reaching the ultimate beauty of physics.