Welcome on my land to you, adventurers.

This is a place where I rule everything. You're here on MY land, belonging to ME. You're under my power.
My will is the law down here. My words are made of gold for everyone who hear it. My thoughts will lead you to your end, and you will obey.
Wanting it or not.

Welcome on RUO, Ragnarok Underground Online.

This server is initially made to allow server owner to test my scripts on a live server. Therefor, a lot of options will be available here for them (like full lvl char creation, which will last for 1 day only).
On the other hand, the whole content is available for anybody willing to play it 'normally'. As I'm alone to handle the whole thing, I won't be available to answer all your questions or asks immediately, so you'll find a bunch of usefull npcs to help you and report things to me.
Feel free to take part of this adventure, on the servers or the forum.
Beta Test Updates 20/08/2018
-Custom hats, obtainable through cash points have been unified to a Allstats +3 bonus
-A refund command will be added for those hats
-Max level restored to 175/60
-Max stats restored to 120
Beta Test Opening 15/08/2018
Beta Test opens today! You can download the client on Download section
News and Updates 19/04/2018
Server will open soon! Stay tuned
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