I permitted Hamilton to camp in our backyard.


I was going out.

Michael didn't get along well with the other girls.

I'm a quick learner.

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There is a lot of danger in walking around here at night.


I've never met a Canadian before.

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I like dogs more than cats.

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He added up the figures.

Prices are stable these days.

It was hard for me to sell my guitar, but I needed the money.


How long did I sleep?

Have you ever been on a cruise ship?

I came here looking for them.


This is my account book.

Robin moved out last night.

This article is critical of the way investigations are being made into the matter.

We'll figure things out.

Stevan is wrapping Tuan's present now.

Rod didn't hear anything.

My father is very much involved in the stock market now.

I never was very good at math.

We don't have enough room.


He spent another sleepless night watching television.

I borrowed those comics from her sister.

Maybe Pria was trying to warn us about something.

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They finally appeared to arms.

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They're both older than you.

These stories are as old as anything that men have invented. They were narrated by naked savage women to naked savage children. They have been inherited by our earliest civilised ancestors, who really believed that beasts and trees and stones can talk if they choose, and behave kindly or unkindly. The stories are full of the oldest ideas of ages when science did not exist, and magic took the place of science.

Alastair doesn't need your help.

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"I'm dripping sweat." "Then make sure you take a shower!"


We speak English in class.

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What does the bill come to?

I'll be here by Monday.

It's not safe to text while you drive.


I want you to find them.


There will be the deuce to pay.

There's no problem whatsoever.

The name rang a bell in me.

Lucius's safe.

He was naive.

Nothing is going to happen.

I still think Eugene doesn't understand what's going on.

Did you call the police?

Eager to start the day, he leaped out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


He went so far as to say such a rude thing.

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Yakitori is a Japanese dish.


I have a bad squint.

I smashed the glass.

Rainer and The are both my friends.


She must have studied very hard.

We handle all type of books, both new and old.

Leon doesn't want to talk to Jakob right now.

That's the answer.

There was nothing I could do to change it.

I'm planning to go to the theater today.

I need your advice on how to proceed.

Could you elaborate on your new theory?

Perry woke up with a terrible headache.


Why would you want to do a thing like that?


Have a good day at school.

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I still can't reach Sergio.

They fell in love, and in due course they were married.

If you're busy, I'll ask someone else to help me.


She will accompany me on the piano.


The race was watched by a crowd of nearly a quarter of a million people.


Pierette became upset and began to cry.

She has no less than one thousand yen.

It's been very frustrating.

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I watched TV after I washed the dishes.

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Hirotoshi was thinking of going to New York.

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She is not a maniac.

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The wall around the hut was made of human bones and on its top were skulls.


Please go around to the side of the house.

Our headquarters are located in another part of town.

He served as the pilot of the ship.

The axe does not go to a humble neck.

I'm going to call an ambulance.


I have never seen anyone like her.


I'll try asking Meehan for some money.


He closed his eyes.

Tarmi stepped on Jorge's foot.

At least there was one vegan spread.

The New York Stock Exchange closed for ten days.

I'm going to do some reading.


There were no surprises.

I'm in the eighth grade.

Who do you think I should ask?

I'd like to share this sandwich with you.

She waited on her sick father hand and foot.

Where is Father?

I never regretted having kissed you, and I'd do it again if I had the chance.


She showed up in the park at the appointed time.

Peter closed his locker.

He had his only son killed in an automobile accident.

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The Master said, "If a man be without the virtues proper to humanity, what has he to do with the rites of propriety? If a man be without the virtues proper to humanity, what has he to do with music?"

Love makes you blind.

Well, aren't you going to tell us what happened?

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He is free to spend his money.

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The teacher told the boy not to make noise.

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Thanks for letting me stay here.


Even though I ran down the stairs, I couldn't catch the train.


Get down from that tree!


Japan's balance of payments has been running a huge surplus for many years.

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When is the first bus to Boston?

He smiled.

We're all trying to win.

Come in please!

I've thought about this a great deal.


I'll wait until you finish the work.

The problem's a little more complicated than that.

Stu was too fat for Pam.


But for the rain, we would have had a pleasant journey.


You need to stay away from him.

Don't disappoint yourself!

You say you don't want to get your hands dirty.

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Japan came under American pressure to open its financial market.

Nelken doesn't have the experience necessary.

In America, we can hear a chorus of comments from the right ridiculing soccer every time there's a World Cup.


I married my daughter.

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Tiefenthal and Prakash met a year ago.

I've heard it before.

Did you hear about what happened to Billy?


Who was your date?

I'm all right with that.

I saw the white trail of his frozen breath.

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I would like to order drinks now.


I think we'd better wait a little longer for Suu.

I told them about it yesterday.

It's an embarrassing question.


I wanted to make sure there was enough.

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What were you hoping to accomplish?

My advice is for you to go home.

This one was written just for you!

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Janet doesn't have seniority.

I don't know whether this is love or not (after all, who ever knows what love is?), but one thing I know for sure: I want to be with you.

He went on walking for two hours.

I almost forgot to do that.

Are you working?

My girlfriend suffers from osteoporosis.

The bullet lodged in Sanjay's lung.

I have an account outside the country.

What could've happened to Sofoklis?

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I'm Korean.