The data is incorrect.

It was just a coincidence.


Sofia tried not to hurt Ginny.

They kept drinking.

Marvin said there was nobody in here.

Asking a woman how old she is is not a good idea.

The leaders were out of touch with the people.


The dog ran after the rabbit.

He mourned the death of his friend.

We pay our bills at the end of the month.


Have you ever shot anybody?

That sports are gaining in popularity all over the world is evidenced by the sports news in the papers by the many sports equipment stores, and by the numbers of runners who participate in marathons or other races.

I as well as you was late for school yesterday.

He boarded the ship.

I cannot cross this river. It's too wide.


Doesn't it seem to you that it's cold in this room?

Parents have various influences on their children.

Dan pretended not to know Linda.


How much wine should I buy?

How much money did Emmett promise you?

We love beauty.

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Varda was wearing an old t-shirt with holes in it.


My opinion is the same as theirs.

Melinda works for the IRS.

Rajeev came close to being run over.

It's just an expression.

Uh, will you excuse me?


They're crazy, these Romans!

"May I use this pencil?" "Yes, you may."

Always try to see the best in people.


Is this the place where your mother works?

Nicolas dedicated a script to me today.

Isabelle is happy when he is with Dustin.

Nobody had ever heard of it.

We're waiting to talk to her.


I visit my grandparents on Sundays.

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In countries with electoral colleges, citizens vote for representatives to pick heads of state for them, adding an extra layer to what would otherwise be a direct election.

The sky is getting light.

My mother-in-law gives me the creeps.


She wants to be a designer.


I'm good friends with Lin.


I gave them your address.

Usually Those can get whatever he wants.

We can solve this.

He takes the subway to work.

We were ready.

You really are lucky, aren't you?

Heidi will write a sentence in German.

We all know that it's better to keep early hours.

I fear that he may be late for the train.

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Vishal fell and broke his arm.

Why would Sanand want to go do something like that?

I will give you a call as soon as I know for sure.


He doesn't do it.

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Ti practices every single day.


I was able to find out his address.

Everybody liked me.

Don't tell them.

Hochiminh City is the largest city in Vietnam.

Someone's humming.

Is that what you said?

Billy needs a bath.

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You can't intimidate us.

Shane seems dangerous.

Amigo had trouble explaining what he wanted.

Jackye was different.

I believe what he says.


Have you ever been a witness in a court case?


We were running out of gas, and what was worse, it began to snow heavily.

I admire your ambition.

It's only a book.


I have good news.

I was entranced.

Curling is my favorite sport.


Your father loves you.

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I woke up at five o'clock.

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Are we allowed to take pictures here?

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Stephan is short and fat.

How many times has Matthew been to Boston?

Mosur, stubborn as he was, refused to change to the sensible metric system, preferring to measure volume in hogsheads instead.

Do you have any film for this camera?

We should've gone there ourselves.

I forgot to write the address on the envelope.

We are going to visit our uncle next Sunday.


He has two women in his life.

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I think you have answered your own question.


This is the coldest winter we have had in twenty years, I hear.

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Do you think that I'm insane?


I closed the window for fear that the baby should catch cold.

Mick didn't have to shout. We could've heard him anyway.

I have to do that sometimes, too.


Molly opened the passenger door for Leith.

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Rescuing Barrett will be extremely difficult.

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They need me.

I wonder who's buried in that tomb.

The crowd gave the winner a big hand.

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Reiner's opinions don't carry much weight around here.

I usually don't work here.

Do you have a valid passport?

The problem is we don't know who Manolis is.

This river is dangerous to swim in, in July.

We write our own songs.

I can't even tell what it is.

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Beer is sold by the pint.


Get me a towel.

Timothy isn't in the apartment, but Rafael is.

A lot of guys ignore the laugh.


Randall's not at all happy with the situation, but is prepared to accept it.

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I learned to live without her.


I know what, we'll visit Manjeri, Paul and Lonhyn this weekend!

Mah isn't sure he wants to get involved.

It's a little nasty.


Lucifer is awfully short.

My father's going to kill me.

Dan didn't even wonder why Linda crossed the street.

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I may have no choice.


Edith added sugar to his coffee.

A good idea came to mind.

Something frightened him.


I had my wallet stolen on my way to the office.

"Are you a teacher?" "Yes, I am."

He has Ukrainian citizenship.


Brendan didn't really want to help us, but he did.


Dan is rather proud of his work.

This cyclist uses EPO.

Rogue says he dreams about Toerless every night.

Have you met the person I hired?

I wish that were possible.

Yukio Mishima killed himself in 1970.

We don't have any ice cream.

Brender has to do that now.

It's not too far to walk.


Somebody loves everyone.

He was unconscious for several days.

Do you like tea?

Don't you ever get tired of doing that?

I'll expect you soon.


The man is hungry.

They're moving away.

Thank you so much, my friend.

Your friends have deserted you.

John and Fred don't play in a band.


That is the duty of the police.


Furniture made of good materials sells well.


Whenever I hear that song, I think of a certain girl.

Something smells good in here.

Maybe you'll like it here.

I have to move you.

One murder makes a villain, millions a hero.