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Can we say no to Esperanto?

I like to play basketball.

She is the owner of a very big house.


Justice is blind.


Meehan isn't likely to be here on time.


I'm really angry.


I just want to support you.

Where did you tickle them?

He remained silent, which made her still more angry.

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You look good today.


Is that all?


Please change this to dollars.

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Vincent was told he would never amount to anything, and he was desperate to prove them wrong.

I hope he doesn't die.

Joey is fixated with Shane's gun.


That's all we know about Martin.

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The price will change according to the demand.


How happy I am today!


News of the crash spread all over the country.

I'm going to talk to him.

Jacobson always takes Anita's part in an argument.

You're overworked.

Were you addressing me?

The cold won't harm these animals.

She looked like a daughter of a good family.

Slartibartfast didn't say anything worthwhile.

Do I look like him to you?

That band comes to our town tomorrow.

I've seen what happens to anyone who goes up against Toby.


We've got nothing to prove.


The weather seemed favorable for the test flight.


Excuse me, do you know what time it is?

Thus he succeeded in winning her heart.

Eleven o'clock is good for me.


We just have to stick together.

Our dinner today will be very simple: bread, goat cheese, figs and wine.

English has many loan words from French.


I think that's better.

Kathleen told me he planned to visit Nigel the next time he went to Boston.

There's a movie I want to watch on TV tomorrow night.


My family is small.


I hate surprises.

Everyone's waiting to see what's going to happen.

With his lace and embroideries, and his crown of blue ribbon and whalebone, he looked like the king of babies.

Did you show your record of service?

He sang on-stage.

Jean-Pierre liked Suzan's new dress.

I have gooseberries in my garden.


Tracey always tells Pandora everything.

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The meeting is taking place on Friday.

The last piece of cake was eaten by Tait.

You didn't want Patty to die, did you?

Were you with him that evening?

It's dangerous at the rocks.


After two years, she was already fluent in German.

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Put it onto the table.

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They worried about increased political tension in Asia.


Instead, I could help you out.


You look like a monkey.

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Emmett is under extreme pressure.

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I'm still your friend.

I hope you're not disappointed.

She sounded disappointed.


It will do him no harm.

Have you memorized his number?

He's always searching for a good job.


A mother put a large vase on the shelf.


It's impossible to make out what he wrote.

You can swim, but I can't swim.

He ruined his health by working too hard.

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Hey, what's all the noise?

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Our sales performance is just skyrocketing.

They broke in through the kitchen window.

There are a lot of rats.

We're as good as dead now.

I'll do what I can.

Do you mind if I come in?

A tree is known by its fruit.

Siping examined it carefully.

Bullying is a learned behavior.

Your gums are in bad shape.

Children found Christmas presents hidden under the bed.


It has enough willpower.


The kitchen knife wasn't sharp enough to cut the meat, so I used my pocket knife.

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Everyone has the right to education.

I still don't know what to do.

Buddhism had its beginnings in India.

I'm seeing someone.

Give me a few minutes.


Get down.

He was bursting with fury.

Let's take a walk along the river.


Can you speak Uyghur?

I haven't been eating out much lately.

Dan eventually learnt what Linda was up to.

We were finally able to settle the matter.

My nephew seldom puts his things in order.


That is strictly prohibited.

The matter was settled.

A man without ideals is hollow.

I just can't understand you sometimes.

I have to trust Florian.

You're partially correct.

He doesn't like cops.

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My profession is policemen.

Whose go is it?

He said no, he was busy.

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Rodger admired the flower arrangement.

Call if you need anything.

Srinivasan has never been sick before.

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He who loves well reprimands well.

She will be back at five.

Winter is gone.

Children usually think and behave like their parents.

I've decided not to study French.

I wish Rafik would stop screaming all the time.

Matthias knew it was all a mistake.

Nora finished his drink and asked for another one.

How many other girls have you said that to?

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I'm dying to meet her.


Yes, he can, if he tries hard.

Avery accidentally cut himself while peeling an apple.

India gained independence from Britain in 1947.

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Nicolas's dog bit me.

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Will you rub my shoulders?

When they had their first baby, they had been married for 10 years.

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love.

We just came from our hotel to see the Buckingham Palace, and now we are going to go from here to Piccadilly Square.

Do you see that house? It's mine.

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He gave several examples of how we could change things.


They made the same mistake again.

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I am very glad school is over.

Why don't you just call a spade a spade and admit that she dumped you for that American guy she met at the English school?

I need to know the whole truth.


Please send bug reports to the following email address.

That street is blocked because of the works.

I want something to read for when I take the train.

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We study music.

If you had helped me I would be grateful.

I've got to go to another dreary meeting tomorrow.


Marc says he doesn't remember doing that.


The greatest joy after loving is confessing one's love.

I must get my watch repaired.

He fell, twisting his ankle.


How long have you known Judy?