I'll see to that.

Don't find fault with your friend.

You don't want to go to Boston, do you?

I took a chance and accepted his challenge.

I'm not sure of the exact date.

I can't afford to retire.


All employees had to memorize the access code.

I don't like that guy.

Here's the reason that girls like cucumbers.

You've invited your friends as well?

I think that's Lex.

Would you like Anatoly to help you?

Form the dough into a ball.

We must get over many difficulties.

It's unbecoming to speak of money.

I'll stop giving them chocolate on Valentine's Day.

I suggest you all get out of this room as soon as possible.


He is a little slow, but otherwise he is a good student.


Juri isn't here. He's already left.

My father chose not to disturb my optimism.

Your help is vital to the success of our plan.

I'm ashamed of myself.

That might be fun to try.

That'll do.

Darrell certainly knows a thing or two about business.


Pia went into his dressing room.


Everybody but Presley was present.

Nature is beyond mortal control.

Boyce has very liberal views.

Nothing bothers us.

Let's wish Aimee all the best.

Why didn't Clarence move?

For all her riches she is not happy.

Come on in and make yourself at home.

It never really ends.

We suffer from osteoporosis.

I have blue eyes.

He soon grows tired of a thing regardless of how much he liked it to begin with.

Let's give Murray some space.

He's bound to forget.

He was too shy to do that.

This window won't open.

I didn't recognize Kristen when I passed him on the road today.

Does anybody recognize this?

I've found a place to live.

Petr pressed his pants.

Additional imports of American beef are planned to meet rising demand.

Jane lent me this book of hers last week.

Stephe is awake.

I wasn't on time for school this morning.

He grabbed the rope with both hands.

The game was drawing to an end.

Kate broke his heart by rudely demanding he go away.

You had better invite them or they will be offended.

What's the use of worrying?

Pluto is a dwarf planet that lies in the Kuiper Belt.

I'll call her tomorrow.

Jones and Trent came to love each other.

Our teacher is going to the USA next month.

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In 1935 Einstein was granted permanent residency in the United States and became a citizen in 1940.

The parents of Bernadette were very embarrassed to reply to any questions, because they haven't seen her for a long time now.

It was very disturbing.

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He did a real snow job on my daughter.

Are you really going to ask Vaughn to the prom?

Norma's email was very terse and it was clear that she was upset about something.

Every time I leave, I'm of full the regret that I haven't fully said goodbye.

Louis thinks he's a big shot.


We depend on foreign nations for our natural resources.

I removed her number after severing our friendship.

Merat did all right.


My heart is full of trouble.

Molly, Leila and John were all there.

I'll go no matter what.

I think they do that on purpose.

It's a nice day today.

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I think prostitutes are victims and troubled girls.

Taro, could you help me?

I want to buy my bike back.

You'll get your money.

I am looking for volunteers to help me.

There are no survivors.

I have seen him twice since leaving school.

What he said is capable of several interpretations.

We won't be able to get out of this cell.

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Mike laughs.

Was Holly carrying anything else?

Where's the key? Ah, you have it.

I married eight years ago.

What would happen if I pushed this button?

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Here is my family.

She goes to the library every other day.

Kirsten started swearing.


Jussi didn't say when he was coming, did he?

It was not easy to find gold.

I need to find them.


She is no less slender than her sister is.

She didn't love him, she would never love him; he has inspired in her a secret and inexplicable dislike.

Laurent built a shelter.


Customs will ask for a receipt.

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I must learn seriously.

That photo came with the wallet.

You've had enough time.

We should give Root a chance.

They cleared the pavement of snow.


She grew up in a small friendly town.

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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.


Why don't you go check on that?

You asked me to talk to Ravi, remember?

This coffee tastes bitter.

I'm sorry she's not here.

He said that Esperanto was a "Japanesque Latinate language."

How deep?

She need not have done the work.

He hired some new workers.

This could be a mistake.


Laurel and Vance are getting ready to go out.

Some believed his story, and others did not.

Keep your brother away because he's bothering us.

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I should tell you something.

Here, try some.

Even Alf looked worried.

Shaw has been a naughty boy.

I liked the way you handled yourself.


I have promised myself to read more books.

In spite of his anger, he listened to me patiently.

I get nervous at immigration.

I wish I could tell you the reason, but I can't.

Perhaps Dimetry is still in love with Manny.

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Almost all the students like English.


I spent the day with her.

Louis wants to make a day trip.

The room became slightly hushed.

The LAPD is the Los Angeles Police Department.

Ice skating can be graceful and beautiful.


Just throw your bicycle in the back of the truck and I'll drive you home.

Children are the true teachers of life.

He sat and listened to the radio.

We walked to my room.

Mariou and Earnie are always arguing about how to raise their children.

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Leads argued with Milner about money.

I frequently talk to Carlos.

You have time.


We all missed her.

Kyung pulled into the driveway and stopped the car.

Ravindranath was stuck in a crowded elevator.

I wouldn't do it even if I could.

Australia was the place where British prisoners were sent to.

He made her happy.

This coat may well fit you.

She already ate.

Our world is only a tiny part of the universe.

Actually his work has reached the acme of perfection.

Did you invite Jill?

Galen filled out the paperwork.

They made up their minds to go by car in spite of bad weather.


I cannot read French.

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Do you mind if I call you Margaret?

I am much too busy to see him.

Those present were charmed by her beauty.


We looked out the window but saw nothing.

At noon he has lunch in an Italian restaurant.

The flag is up.

I almost agree with Kayvan.

With many women, love always comes first.

I bet that's not even Amy's real phone number.

Someone attacked me.

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I'll give it to them.

I've only just begun.

The tour's going great.