I'm not finished talking to you yet.

Debi didn't tell Izchak how much money he had spent.

It's too hot and I'm very tired.

Their clothes were used.

Kevin couldn't think of anything else to try.

It isn't easy to understand why you want to leave.

He's afraid of intimacy.

Who did you make this for?

Going to the beach with you actually sounds pretty interesting.

Morgan heard someone tapping on his window.

We're about the same height.

The party was a bit of a letdown.


What was the question?


He died a few days before his hundredth birthday.

Give me some time to let it all sink in.

In Japan, employment opportunities are significantly lower for women than they are for men.

We know it was you that killed Ramon.

Which team do you predict will win the game?

If you can put up with us, put us up.

It's so strange.


The fork is dirty.

You watch too much TV.

I saw Nelken hit Pim.

They hung their heads in shame.

She's a police officer.


I can't tell you how many times I've been there.

Make it snappy, Carole.

Laurie is beautiful.


We are Arabic.


His family really loves watching television every day.

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I cannot heat the dinner. There is no gas.

Look up the phrase in your dictionary.

It was three hours ago.

We sold our souls for money.

Shahid put his harmonica in his pocket.

The situation became very dire.

I can't stand babies crying.


Persian is not a difficult language.

Finally, the bell rang.

I leave it up to you.

I never really knew her.

A small boy ate a Kit-Kat.

The days are longer in the summer.

You just need some fresh air.

I studied my part in the play.

If your country doesn't let you camp for your rights, but lets you do so to see Justin Bieber, paste this on your wall.


I can't really do anything until Herb gets here.

Don't worry about it. It's no big deal.

Pablo used a bug net to collect bugs.

I won't let anyone hurt them.

Even Suwandi grinned.

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Between ourselves, I think he is rather stupid.

Our ammunition has run out.

She sent me an urgent telegram.

Maybe we'll see some dolphins.

That was foolish of him.


He said to me: "I lost my textbook yesterday morning".

Did you give him your phone number?

How is that your fault?

I never stopped loving you.

I feel heaps better after a sound sleep.

I have to work overtime tonight.

Calm your nerves down.


Vern persuaded Amigo to go to Boston with him.

You have to go to the meeting.

Takeuchi didn't want his neighbors to see him without clothes.

None of us like Ross.

It is far from easy to understand it.


His eyes are like those of a leopard.


You think I have nothing to do; but on the contrary, I am very busy.


I want to go to Tampa.

Are you from the United States?

This is by far the coolest thing we've ever done.

The mother will not be at ease until she hears of her son's safe arrival.

Saul needs to think of a solution quickly.

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"It didn't work," thought Axel and went to call John.


Niels didn't see the point.

The wind abated a little.

It is hard to be successful at both study and club activities.

Our town does not have a corps of firemen.

I have only done this one time before.


Do you really think I'm stupid enough to believe that?

Is there a problem with it?

I make it a rule not to eat too much, for it is plain that overeating is bad for your health.

I will go with you if necessary.

He is far better off than he was five years ago.

They dropped out of school.

It's nothing to worry about, OK?

Three civilians were also killed.

Nobody listened to me.

Don't lie about them.

OK, but why should he do that?

I hired Shahid because I thought he was the best person for the job.

At least, that's what he said.

She patiently waited for him.

Our opinions are quite different.


I wasn't indiscreet.


Take all the time you need.

It was so unusual for them that I was quite thrown by it.

This composition leaves nothing to be desired.

Lex seems different somehow.

I accepted that a long time ago.

Root jabbed Sri with his elbow.

He found the evidence that bees can communicate with each other.

Are you nervous?

He can't even butter his own bread.

The teacher concluded that Hurf would pass the exam.

I want a job.

In Scotland you can get a deep-fried Mars bar in a chippy.

What in the world do you want to do?

I give you everything you ask for, but you never seem satisfied.

I'm bursting for a wee and I can't find a washroom.

I called Vijay from the hospital.

Shit, I blew a fuse!

This experience has changed me.

I wasn't having fun, so I went home early.

Their bags were checked by security guards at the gate.

Do you mind waiting?

Can you play a song for me?

Mwa acted as if he didn't care.

No one's going to find him.

You must take advantage of the opportunity.

Lithuania is called "Lietuva" in Lithuanian.

Were you with them that night?

Do you believe horoscopes?

He flew in the face of Jishuku.

That's not the answer.

Wayne is waiting at the airport.

Is it still there?

I was surprised at this news.

We're aware of that.

How do I gain weight?

I think I know who stole your watch.

Laurence was abused far more than the rest of his brothers and sisters.


The prices fell suddenly.

The dog interests us: it only sits and observes.

I've reconsidered it.

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It sounds as if you don't like Teresa.


Walking along the street, I met an old friend of mine.

I just want to help her.

He is very fat, that is, he weighs 300 pounds.

I don't want to see my future after 30 years.

In the last few years he has developed the bad habit of being rude to his friends.

I finally understand.

Darin is the only one here who can speak French.


I am positive that he is wrong.

I have a nice golden fountain pen.

Maybe he's dead.

Thomas didn't consider him very intelligent.

It's fifteen minutes' walk from here to the campus.

He uses to bore people with his notorious stories.

I'd better go, too.

Don't speak to me that way!

I really want to speak English fluently.

Linda was called back from college because of her father's sudden illness.

Can you tell me what you mean by that?

I haven't yet been notified.

What kind of movies does Knudsen like?

Noam didn't give further details.

When the princess grew up she was betrothed to a prince who lived at a great distance.


You're my dream come true.


I need someone who I can feel safe with.

Becoming rich is the opposite of becoming poor.

We think, and this allows us to do the marvelous things that we do.

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He represents the establishment, while she sympathizes with the reformers.

I've misjudged them.

Jeff got killed.


The incidence of OCD is greatest among teens and young adults.

Eileen is irritating because he always has to have the last word in any argument.

Lynnette and Janice took turns caring for the baby.

I did not take anything from his bag.

Such conduct does not beseem you.