So what happened?

What is philosophy?

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What did Olson have to say about that?

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It might be them.


He has a good brain.

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I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.

Masanao is as busy as ever.

At the end of every day, his back was tired and his legs hurt.

Lin met Kurt while on holiday in Germany.

The idea is of paramount importance.

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He's a science teacher.


I told Siegurd that I will help him.


It's time to feed the dog.

That is not how you talk to your superiors!

Who said anything about volunteering?


This is excellent.

I'm not giving an inch.

The new medicine demonstrated an immediate effect.

Come on, Darren, aren't you curious?

Seenu must love you very much.

Men are so useless.

Did you expect something different to happen?


The scuttlebutt is they're going to Australia.

If this sentence is true, then Germany borders China.

The bone caught in my throat.

A good life pleases God.

Her cat was lying on my pillow and didn't want to come off it.

"Neil, I decided I don't like stoats anymore." "Really? Well then, I'm dumping you." "Wait, I was just joking!" "So was I. Of course I couldn't dump you like that, darling. But please do not say anything bad about stoats ever again."

Don't answer the door, whoever it is.


Fortunately this shed is stable, or else it'd have surely fallen down due to the storm last night.


You always lie to me.

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He was sitting on the sofa in our room.

What a beautiful painting. Who gave it to you?

Jose didn't want to work overtime on Christmas Eve.

Such a sales system can work for a while, but not forever.

He stared into the distance.

Did you ask him why?

That is how I learned English.


Did you understand any of that?


What he says has nothing to do with this problem.

John sets the table.

I can't help you this week.

I hope we can avoid that.

Andrea doesn't always obey his parents.

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It's certainly a thrill.


He was promoted to section chief.

Dimetry couldn't get in his room.

Laura knew everyone.


An equilateral triangle has three sides of equal length.

He did not expect to live so long.

Why don't you just ask Wendy?

Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse, was born on this day in 1925.

I must make an apology to her.

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We adults shouldn't destroy the intelligent and creative capacity of children.

Perhaps I will never see you again.

I don't want to walk. Let's take a cab.

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Elwood opened the picnic basket and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich.

A little girl caught her fingers in the door.

There is little sugar left in the pot.

Could I have some more water, please?

Denis is very needy.

Morris remained miserable in his marriage.

He was respected as a hero because he defended his country against the invaders.

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Do you think we'll reach his house before noon?

How serious is this problem?

My mother lives by herself.

Why didn't you try calling me?

Make the favor of dressing up because we're going to get late!

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What is your parents' nationality?

Do you mind if I park here?

None of us could see it.

We finished up lunch with coffee.

Sumitro ate one of Stanly's cupcakes.

And thus fades the glory of the world.

At first, I didn't know that my leg was broken.

Perhaps I can answer that.

I can't get along with him.

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I have not seen my parents in a long time, my boss has sent me to England for a business trip, I'll use the opportunity to visit my parents.

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They sue companies that sell MP3 players without paying them.


Free refreshments will be provided.

You might not believe what I'm about to tell you, so don't be surprised.

Hold tight.


I think it's a little more sophisticated than that.


Now are you sure?


He is rather poor at tennis.

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Please answer the telephone.


Claudio was convinced he'd been betrayed.

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Damone hired himself an assistant.


Konrad looks extremely nervous.

Denmark has a prison.

This is Doraemon.

It seems simple enough.

I finished building my Gundam model. I feel so lonely.

Is the supermarket open this evening?

This is from me.

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We are three points ahead of their team.

It'll be after dark by the time we land in Boston.

He focused his attention on that problem.

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He'll make a good lawyer sooner or later.

It took years of saving, but their seagoing vacation come true at last.

In spite of everything, she was expecting reassuring words from him.

I had to compromise on this point.

I hope that you received my comments.

He's my Mr. Right.

The teacher caught a student cheating in the exam.


The population of Tokyo is larger than that of Osaka.


I asked a favor of him.

I'm not going to help him.

Did you remember to turn off the gas?

Automation is bound to have important social consequences.

All I ask is that you show up on time.

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Donal tore a page out of his notebook.

Eat whatever you like.

Some popular Canadian television series were "Mister Dress-Up", "The Friendly Giant", "The Red Green Show" and "This Hour has 22 Minutes".

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These goats will ruin your kitchen garden.

Don't leave without telling me.

When did you see her dancing with him?

We know.

I thought you were working for Alex.

I leave it in your hands what course of action to take.

Do what your mother said.

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He is poor but is too proud to ask for help.

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Someone should set those boys straight.


I can't believe I let you talk me into volunteering.

But nobody can help me.

My elder brother got a position in a big business.

Kieran can probably help solve this problem.

I have one brother and two sisters.


Are we really in 2015?

Loukas was arrested by the police.

I wish that I could give you something.

I just want to hear you sing one more time.

I'll tell you what it is.

Sentences bring context to the words. Sentences have personalities. They can be funny, smart, silly, insightful, touching, hurtful.

I had nothing left but misery.

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Simply put, these allegations are false.

She cooked the meat.

He and I are friends.

They'll cheer you up.

I imagine music will be on a server somewhere - but not on a hard disk.

The education in that institute is simply pathetic.

He kicked the ball.

We should inform them about that.

I feel as if I could fly.

It doesn't look like fun to me.

She's no saint.


If I were to be born a second time, I would like to be Canadian.

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There is a second way to define the Gabriel-Roiter measure which may be more intuitive.

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I've never felt this way about anyone before.

You don't think I can do this, do you?

She has never fallen in love.

Bradford kept Julie waiting.

If you paid attention, you'd be worried too.

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I'll be back by tomorrow, if possible.